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Ek Bharat Abyyan

Our Initiatives

The meaning and value of our national anthem – The devotional prayer JANA GANA MANA

EBA Mission
& Vision

  1. Education

  2. Health

  3. Environment

  4. Human Rights

  5. Poverty alleviation

  6. Disaster relief

  7. Arts and culture

  8. Animal welfare

  9. Youth empowerment

  10. Advocacy


Dr. Joyappa Achaiah was propelled by a desire to inculcate respect for the national anthem among citizens of our country. And this led him to create 'The meaning and value of our Devotional Prayer: The National Anthem'. Translated to 10 languages, namely English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Assamese, Oriya Bengali, Malayalam this copy contains the essence and meaning of the sacred national anthem. The intention was to educate and create awareness among the people of our land. Designed by Nautical Digital Studios, this copy has attracted the attention of many citizens. Dr. Joyappa Achaiah and his team have made a significant contribution to our community through this attempt of theirs. The writing has been well written and conceptualized effectively. This is sure to touch the hearts of many citizens.

Target to distribute 30 Crore copies by 2025

Words of Encouragement
I like the campaign and I have made it mandatory that
the Kannada versions should be displayed all the 
government schools of
my constituency.

Mr. Ramalinga Reddy

MLA - BTM Constituency
Ex - Minister Karnataka


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