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Our Team

The Ek Bharat Abyyan Foundation boasts a vibrant and dynamic team comprising diverse talents from various fields, truly reflecting the rich tapestry of India's talents and expertise. Lawyers within the team bring legal acumen and advocacy skills, ensuring the foundation operates within ethical and legal boundaries. Media personalities leverage their influence and communication prowess to spread awareness and garner support for the foundation's noble causes. A retired colonel contributes strategic planning and disciplined execution to the team, reflecting years of military precision. Businessmen bring in entrepreneurial insight and financial expertise, ensuring sustainable growth and resource management. The youthful energy and innovative ideas of the youth members infuse dynamism into the foundation, driving its initiatives forward. Together with professionals from other diverse backgrounds, this team forms a powerhouse of creativity, determination, and passion, working collaboratively towards the Foundation's vision of a united,

empowered, and prosperous India.

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