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Ek Bharat Abyyan



The Meaning and Value of our National Anthem campaign is aimed at the people of India and Indians living abroad who are always proud of their country. Indians around the world take pride when they see the tricolor national flag and hear the devotional prayer JANA GANA MANA.

Ek Bharat Abyyan has translated  the Meaning and Value of Our National Anthem versions into all major Indian languages ​​including English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya ,Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. And many more Languages coming soon.


Nevertheless, how many Indians are aware of the true meaning and significance of our national anthem?

It is a proud moment to acknowledge the principles of our culture, heritage, and motto embodied in this national anthem, even though others may have tried before and discovered the meaning and values. Regardless, they were unable to turn it into a national campaign that could touch the hearts of millions of Indians around the world.

As people sing our national anthem, they will understand why India is a unique country and why our culture and roots are very different from other countries in the world. Their mission is to have copies of the meaning and value of our national anthem in every school, college, university, government office, airport, train station, shopping mall, IT center, and other public places so that not only Indians but also tourists visiting India will be able to grasp our culture and values.

They aim to present this campaign to the parliament and obtain permission to distribute copies of it all over India. They will meet with the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, the President of India, Shri Droupadi Murmu Mam, and many other leaders to ask that it become a mandate in the upcoming years for the benefit of Indian citizens and not just for publicity.

Ek Bharat Abyyan intends to travel across India for approximately 5000 kilometers. Promoting this national campaign that may speak to Indians' emotions is from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, from Gujarat to the North Eastern states.

India and all Indians are one; we are one. Wherever we may be, we are Indians and we proudly declare that we are Indians. No one can separate us from the love of our country; we stand as one, we grow as one, and although we are born into different religions and castes, we all have one thing in common: unity, love, and respect. Come on, let's unite together to stop the spread of hatred among us. India is one, and we are all one. Let's support the road journey and join the Ek Bharat Abyyan campaign.

We are looking for sponsors to connect with them for two reasons; If people want to give the printed copy to a school, college, or institution or put it up in their place, they can share the printed copy or even give the framed copy with their standard design copyrighted.

Individuals can also support the campaign by making donations. Ek Bharat Abyyan will use the funds for the trip's fuel, lodging, and food costs; no money will be used for amusement or any other negative purposes. Every donation will receive a gratitude note or message from the team. Not only is this for fame, but it also serves to unite millions of Indians around the world and instill pride in who and what they are. Contact information for those with questions or interested in copies is +91 980259781/7338558581. In addition,


Ek Bharat is seeking public figures, celebrities, and social media influencers to help spread this cause around the world.

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